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Ninja Man Talks Being Addicted To Cocaine For 10 Years

Ninja Man Talks Being Addicted To Cocaine For 10 Years

Ninja Man has admitted he was hooked on cocaine for over 10 years before being able to kick the habit.
The veteran dancehall artist has revealed his past struggles with cocaine following the recent arrest of veteran Reggae crooner George Nooks, who was detained for possession of the drug.
According to Ninja Man, he is disappointed with Nooks but fans should not be too quick to judge him as most influential Reggae/Dancehall acts from the 80’s era battled the serious drug addiction.

The “Murder Dem” deejay says that during the 80’s cocaine “was just the thing to do at the time.” He claims many superstars became hooked on the drug during that era, and it was only his personal mental strength that allowed him to beat his addiction after 10 years.
George Nooks was arrested on May 5 after cops found two ounces of cocaine in his 2016 Mercedes Benz during a search after the singer was observed acting in a suspicious manner along a section of Duhaney Park road in St Andrew.


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